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7 Days/ Western Rocky – South & North Twin – Black Rock – Nine Pins/Shark Cave
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That Burma and the Myeik Archipelago offers world class diving comes as a surprise to most. The 800 islands and 14,000 square miles of ocean were closed to the world for half a century; and serious site exploration didn’t really begin until 1997! who knows how many more amazing dive sites await discovery.

All we know is that many of the dive sites found thus far are already the stuff of legend, albeit the little known variety. Those who have heard have heard about the big boys; whales, Whale sharks, Nurse sharks, giant Manta rays, Potato Grouper the size of Smart Cars. How’d you like to kiss those lips? But the small stuff is every bit as fantastic and far more diverse and colorful, and you will see species not found anywhere else.

The entrance to Shark Cave is guarded by reef sharks and sweet-lips. The entry-way is covered in yellow sponges and marigold cup coral. Durban dancing shrimps, cowries & Moray eels check your ID’s at the door, and in the main ballroom a group of huge Nurse sharks wait to check your blood pressure. It’s high with eerie thrill, and not to be missed!

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Sample Dive Trip Itinerary


Day 1 – Yangon – Kawthaung – Set Sail Archipelago!
Pick you up Kathaung Airport. Proceed to jetty to board a longtail boat for the Pakchan river crossing to Kawthaung. Set sail at about 17:00 hours for the Myeik Archipelago.

Day 2 – Western Rocky Islet – 3 Dives
Proceed overnight to Western Rocky. Highlights of the dive site are a large cave housing fifty or more lobsters and thousands of Glassfish. Good chance to see Manta-rays. In residence are Grey Reef, Black Tip and White Tip sharks. Open ocean dive site.

Day 3 – South Twin – 3 Dives – Optional Night Dive
Great macro life makes these sites a ‘must see’ on any diver’s checklist. Commonly seen are Sea Horses, Ornate Ghost Pipe fish, Frog fish, Stonefish, Turtles, Rays, Sea Snakes, Cuttlefish and loads more.

Day 4 – North Twin – 3 Dives – Optional Night Dive
Early morning cruise to North Twin Island. The island bears resemblance to the Similan group under the surface. Highlights include a ridge to the south and a pinnacle to the north. The ridge is covered in soft coral and sea fans and also houses batfish, and is cruised by huge potato groupers and several nurse sharks. For the night dive, a reef along the west coast is ideal, where crustaceans and Spanish dancers are common.

Day 5 – Black Rock – 3 Dives
Overnight to Black Rock, the most Northern point on the dive site map for this itinerary. The site consistently gives some of the most outstanding diving anywhere in the Andaman Sea. It’s a truly oceanic site, with no land in view. Big Pelagic beasts are common. Manta Rays, Whale Sharks, plus a slew of other shark brands and rays o’ plethora. Schools of Jacks and Tuna are often seen. Black Rock is so great for the big boys, the macro is often overlooked, even though it is definitely world class.

Day 6 – Nine Pins Rock – Shark Cave/In Through-the-Outdoor
Considered by most divers to be the most amazing dive of the trip. Swim in through-the-outdoor’ past the guardian Grey Reef Sharks. Inside the cave lives a family of Nurse Sharks, one of which is over four meters. A great coral reef, inhabited by a profusion of colorful sea life is yet another bonus. Late afternoon sail back for Kawthaung.

Day 7
Return flight to Yangon or wherever your destination may be, armed some of the best dive stories (and photos?) of your life.

Scuba Dooba Doo!

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7 Days

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